Keep it simple: peristomal skin health, quality of life and wellbeing

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Supported by the British Journal of Nursing and Gastrointestinal Nursing, this free, CPD certified virtual conference focuses on innovative education for Stoma Care Nurses.

One of the fundamental issues for all nurses that care for people with a stoma is maintaining skin health. When looking through the many hundreds of publications on the topic of stoma care it becomes clear that skin care can be problematic for both people with a stoma and the nurses trying to assist them. The consensus document Keep it simple: peristomal skin health and quality of life, available from the British Journal of Nursing, seeks to help improve care in this area. The consensus is written in conjunction with experts in ostomy and dermatology and describes the importance of assessing patients and classifying their skin condition when it occurs. This conference aims to both highlight and expand upon key points of the consensus, led by experts in the field.